Our Story

MetriTech was founded in 1982 by Sam Krug, a nationally recognized and oft-cited expert in both psychology and measurement. In a world quickly realizing how valuable assessments could be in making meaningful comparisons in otherwise subjective scenarios, Sam saw an opportunity to fill a niche—to develop assessments based on the unique needs of schools, employers, and small- and large-scale organizations. His vision for MetriTech: development done right, with a focus on serving the best interests of the customer. It has been our philosophy ever since.

Partnering with MetriTech, your organization will receive highly qualified expertise from the conception of a program to its conclusion. Our test development staff is comprised of professionals from a variety of backgrounds, including nationally recognized psychometricians, Grades K–12 subject area experts, and award-winning educators from throughout the United States.

In all of the various roles we fill, our staff thrives on accuracy, timeliness, and, above all, client satisfaction. Whatever type of assessment you are seeking, you can be assured that we will create a reliable, valid, and fair product tailored to your needs.




Our Clients

Our clients range from small school districts to major agencies of the United States federal government. In all our partnerships, however, we work closely with a variety of stakeholders to target, customize, and present professional development programs that address the needs of current and future learners in their individual roles. We routinely seek feedback from clients and end users to refine and enhance products and procedures in order to tailor programs to clients’ specific needs.

MetriTech has designed, developed, distributed, scored, printed, and hosted online a variety of assessment materials for numerous large-scale assessment programs in over 40 states as well as major cities, various government agencies, and countries around the globe.

Our Community Initiatives

We believe that—no matter how big or small a company may be—the ability and willingness to give back to the community is a corporate privilege. MetriTech supports a variety of organizations, projects, and activities in the local and surrounding communities through various outreach efforts. Additionally, individual MetriTech employees can be found volunteering their own time, money, and talents in a variety of ways throughout area communities.