"...The [IPI] test battery has broad applicability in employment for both hiring and promotion..." 

review by Rebecca Bardwell, Ph.D in Test Critiques


Since 1948, IPI has provided a line of high-quality tests for selection and training. In 1989, IPI joined with MetriTech, Inc., a leader in developing educational and psychological assessments. Together, these two companies have continued to expand, and today, we are proud to offer our clients the strength, diversity, and quality of our accumulated experience. Our tests provide objective, unbiased information about the skills and characteristics of candidates, including their abilities to successfully complete assignments. Each test is built to be reliable, valid, fair, and in compliance with legal requirements and professional guidelines. IPI products offer many benefits, including:

In addition to the tests shown in this catalog, we develop assessments and test systems tailored to specific client needs. We recognize that quality is the result of thorough planning and research, diligent attention to customer needs, and the combined talents of a committed team of stakeholders. Our staff will work with you to find cost-effective hiring tools and solutions. Call one of our customer service representatives today to see how our tests and services can begin helping you.


For questions concerning IPI products, please contact:

Industrial Psychology International Support
(800) 747-1119
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IPI has developed foreign language versions for many of the tests in the catalog. The use of foreign language tests with appropriate candidates helps provide a fair assessment of the candidates' skills and not of their English literacy.

Spanish and French translations are available for the following test titles:


  • Blocks
  • CPF
  • Dexterity
  • Fluency
  • Judgment
  • Memory
  • Motor
  • NPF
  • Numbers
  • Parts
  • Perception
  • Precision
  • Tools


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