MetriTech’s dedication to improving learning at all stages of development is inherent in the work we do and the causes we support.

Enriching Educational Experiences

As annual contributors to the Champaign-Urbana Schools Foundation, MetriTech has been able to help Champaign and Urbana schools fund a broad spectrum of projects that allow students to explore potential career fields and develop technical and artistic skills outside of the typical classroom experience. Our employees also find time to engage with local schools and adult learning programs, volunteering their time as classroom aides or tutors and participating in fundraisers that help teachers and administrators pay for books, technology equipment, art supplies, online learning programs, and even gym equipment.

Supporting Local Arts and Media

MetriTech understands that art and other forms of expression are integral to learning, and our organization does what it can to ensure they remain a part of the educational process. We are a proud sponsor of the Champaign-Urbana Symphony Orchestra, which, in addition to enriching the community through live performances for adults, hosts youth concerts for elementary school students in the surrounding area.

MetriTech employees have sponsored or volunteered for a number of other arts and media organizations, including:

  • Krannert Center for the Performing Arts

  • WILL–Illinois Public Media

  • Arts and entertainment fund-raising groups

  • Volunteer-run community radio programming

Fostering Strong Community Relationships

Because MetriTech is keenly aware that our work has the potential to impact many lives throughout the world, we care deeply about the health and stability of communities, both locally and globally. To that end, our employees take part in a number of activities to promote the essential well-being of our society, such as

  • serving meals to residents at transitional homes;

  • volunteering as court-appointed special advocates for children;

  • donating funds to cancer research and other medical research initiatives;

  • sponsoring children’s leadership development organizations; and

  • sponsoring children in need through various international relief agencies.