Our psychometrics team can assist you with identifying the purpose for the assessment, by recommending appropriate test content, and through developing test and item specifications. Working in conjunction with our test development team, the psychometrics team provides consultation on item development as well as review, benchmarking, creation, and administration of pilot test forms. The psychometrics team also spearheads the analysis of pilot test data and conducts standard setting activities. In addition, they prepare and equate final assessments while also monitoring the overall progress of the program.

Our psychometrics staff possesses over 35 years of experience in high-stakes assessment, computerized (and computer-adaptive) testing, scaling and linking/equating, and implementation of item response theory (IRT) methods, including IRT item parameter estimation and other advanced statistical analysis procedures in applied settings. They have worked on large-scale assessment programs in K–12 educational systems as well as for national certification programs.

MetriTech’s  Psychometrics Team: Industry Experts in Measurement, Analysis, and Reporting

MetriTech’s psychometric staff is headed by two nationally renowned experts in measurement, Dr. Samuel E. Krug and Dr. Michael E. Yoes, and both have extensive experience providing services from test inception through data analysis and interpretation.

Dr. Krug’s vast understanding of educational assessment programs emanates from years of direct involvement in both the development and technical aspects of many high-stakes state programs. He served as the primary technical analyst for the Illinois testing program from 1987 through 2008, and he currently serves as the primary technical consultant for national certification examinations.

Dr. Yoes is a recognized authority in the field of educational measurement and has been invited to speak at national meetings on topics in educational testing and technology in testing. He is also a seasoned educator who has conducted numerous workshops and taught statistical and psychometric courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

For large-scale assessment projects, MetriTech regularly provides data analyses such as

In addition to fulfilling all client report requirements, MetriTech also provides customized interpretive guides to enhance end users' understanding of assessment results. Our clients can then use these guides for appropriate interpretation of assessment data and to inform how this data can be applied to classroom instruction.