Program Management

Our approach to program management starts with the determination to make “yes” happen for our clients. MetriTech’s “can-do” attitude means we will always strive to respond to customer requests in ways that exceed expectations. Perhaps that’s why we’re known for a long history of successful, quality-oriented program implementation with on-time error-free delivery, every time.

Our outstanding project managers keep you unburdened and your project running smoothly. They oversee all aspects of the program from kickoff to completion; they manage subcontractors and provide a link between your organization and MetriTech staff to ensure that all your needs are accommodated.


Test Delivery

No matter your preferred testing format, we guarantee the integrity, accuracy, and security of all your testing materials.


MetriTech’s online testing supports English Language Learner testing in the U.S. and internationally via our General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)-compliant platform.


Though technology has revolutionized most of the assessment industry, traditional paper-pencil assessments remain a great option for many assessment programs because of their reliability and near-universal accessibility.


Scanning & Imaging Services

Many of our clients still rely on pencil-paper testing, which means that we are equipped with imaging equipment to meet the demands of large-scale assessment programs. In a typical school year, we scan approximately 20 million pages. Our document scanning capabilities include optical mark recognition (OMR), optical character recognition (OCR), image character recognition (ICR), and barcode scanning. Through use of our Kodak high-speed digital scanners and flexible form recognition software, we’re able to turn massive stacks of paper into pristine and accessible digital archives in just a short amount of time.

We take the scanning process very seriously, because of how integral it is to accurate data capture and, therefore, test validity. At each step of the digital archiving process, we work to ensure the integrity of your data, from keeping documents secure to implementing quality control measures to verify the resolution of scanned images. Images are stored using a unique MetriTech identification number: that unique number is associated with all demographic and client information for easy retrieval.

If your business needs other digital preservation or document management services, we’d be happy to assist you. Please contact us.


Scoring & Reporting

Handscoring Experts

In addition to machine scoring, MetriTech has hand-scored over 20 million constructed-response items for over 6,500 school districts in more than 38 states. Our scoring managers have an average of 10 years’ experience working with scoring protocols for various programs in multiple states. This core group works closely with clients and MetriTech’s development staff, creating or clarifying rubrics; selecting anchor papers for annotation; writing required annotations; and compiling training materials, both printed and online, for all our scoring contracts.

With company headquarters located in east central Illinois, a few miles from the University of Illinois, Illinois State University, and Illinois Wesleyan University, MetriTech has a large pool of qualified scoring applicants. A significant percentage of MetriTech scorers hold or are actively pursuing advanced degrees; many have backgrounds in education as active or retired teachers.


Scorer training is customized for each scoring project, but always includes continual monitoring and attention to quality control. All scorers are given a set of pre-employment tests to assess their qualifications, and they must successfully complete 4–8 hours of training before they begin live scoring of student work. Scorers must pass training validation in order to be certified to score live test materials.

Customizable Reports

In addition to using industry-standard software like SPSS and WINSTEPS, MetriTech psychometricians and IT specialists have collaborated to create a large number of proprietary computer programs for the statistical analysis and reporting of data. Electronic data files and printed reports are available in a wide variety of formats and are easily adapted and customized to meet the entire range of client needs.